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#wecare manifesto

OVS #wecare

Since 2002, we have put sustainable innovation at the center of our approach and in 2015 we have structured the #wecare programme that involves all business dimensions. The program follows a systemic approach based on the scientific framework developed in years of research by The Natural Step, a non-governmental association born in Sweden in 1989 and operating in Italy via the benefit corporation Nativa.

#WeCare Manifesto

We are aware of the role that we can have in taking care of a more sustainable future for the environment, for the millions of customers who trust us and for all the people who collaborate with us.

We want to create beautiful, accessible garments that have a positive impact on the world and people who live in it.

We know that we have a long path ahead of us, and are committed to improving it with every step.

Every day, we ask ourselves what the best thing is and think about what we do for designing a fashion where the beautiful is also necessarily good.

Other initiatives
Valuable Products

We are particularly inspired by quality, also when it comes to our future life

Responsible Production

We rely on thousands of people that rely on us

Sustainable Stores

A point of sale is a starting point for a better world


We promote projects that create shared value for communities

Natural Resources

To build a beautiful future, no opportunity is missed

Sustainable Cotton

We focus on cotton that is truly natural for both farmers and the environment

Sustainability Report

With this inaugural sustainability report, OVS begins an important journey of sharing

OVS People

We all feel involved as we all really are

Respects for Animals

Respect is always fashionable in our company, even for animals

Circular Approach

We give value to our products also after use