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#wecare manifesto

OVS #wecare

Sustainable innovation is an important strategic driver for us, and it permeates every process along the value chain.

#WeCare Manifesto

We are aware of the role we can play in taking care of a more eco-sustainable future for our millions of loyal customers and for all of the people who work with us.

We want to create beautiful, accessible clothing that can have a positive impact on the world and those who live in it.

We know that we have a long journey in front of us and we are committed to getting better every step of the way.

Every day, we ask ourselves what the right thing is to do, and we rethink our strategies so that we can design fashions where looking good is also about being good.

Our #wecare programme provides a strategic, systemic dimension to our social and environmental commitment, introducing a new business model that is all about measuring impact. Our commitment starts with a campaign to raise awareness among our internal resources, with a training programme extended to all employees; we will also be involving our organisational processes and production decisions.

The programme will involve all company positions; it is based on a scientific framework developed over years of research by The Natural Step and is part of the B Impact Assessment Paradigm.

The Natural Step

A non-government association founded Sweden in 1989 (

The sustainability principles identified by The Natural Step are the foundation of our #wecare programme and set out a concrete, comprehensible roadmap of strategic actions that will contribute to the creation of a sustainable company:

  • nature is not subject to systematically increasing concentrations of substances from the earth’s crust (such as fossil CO2, heavy metals and minerals)
  • nature is not subject to systematically increasing concentrations of substances produced by society (such as antibiotics and endocrine disruptors)
  • nature is not subject to systematically increasing degradation by physical means (such as deforestation and draining of groundwater tables)
  • and in that society there are no structural obstacles to people’s health, influence, competence, impartiality and meaning

B Impact Assessment

Developed by non-profit B Lab, this metric is part of the integration of global and independent standards to assess social and environmental performance. It helps companies to measure their absolute impact and to compare this with a reference benchmark. Impact is assessed for 4 different areas:

  • employees
  • community
  • environment
  • governance

and on assessment of the company’s business model.

Since 2016, we have been using the B Impact Assessment to integrate our analysis and assessment models and to gain an overall view of the impact generated by the organisation and any initiatives underway. This tool also allows us to identify priority areas for improvement and the future aims of the #wecare plan.

Programme aims

A plan structured over levels of interdependent evolution, which develop in successive waves and are able to gradually increase our sustainability profile using a systemic approach.

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