Sustainability Report

With the sustainability report, OVS proceeds the journey of transparency and sharing with all its stakeholders. The title of sustainability report 2021 is Making progress: OVS has a long path ahead, but it confirms a specific commitment that led to important achievements. It does so to help create a better future for our children.
It does so because it has a clear vision of this future and how to reach it. The future will be beautiful and accessible to all. Like OVS fashion.


Other initiatives
Sustainable Cotton

Creating a truly natural cotton industry for both farmers and the environment.

Sustainable Shops

Shops are our window onto a better world, built on respect for the environment and care for the people around us.


We promote projects that create shared value within the community.

#Wecare overview

We are aware of the role that we can have in taking care of a more sustainable future for the environment.

Responsible Manufacturing

We count on thousands of people, and they count on us.

Animal Welfare

At OVS, animal welfare is always in fashion.

High-Value Garments

Quality products mean quality lives.

Natural Resources

Saving resources produces value for the company.

The People at OVS

We should all feel involved, because we are.

A Circular Approach

Adding value to used garments.